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Laser marking machine can produce security label


Today, domestic taboos constant development , and competition within the market is also growing, currently swamped with fake and shoddy products , is gradually harm the interests of informal enterprises . In order to ensure that consumers and their own interests , many products have started with a counterfeit mark , and these are by laser marking machine completed .

Fine laser beam can be formed , the width of the surface of the thin material can be up to 0.05 mm. For precision machining and security to create a broad space. Not only can print complex graphics , logo design , bar code, two -dimensional code , and even printable handwritten signature . Any graphics displayed on the screen can be printed immediately at a specified surface .

Laser engraving laser marking machine adopts the text, graphics , bar codes and other markers vivid , making a mark imitation and changes are very difficult to have good security role to a certain extent , which is widely used in various mechanical parts marking, marking electronic components , integrated circuits, module marking, marking instruments , all kinds of nameplate marking, marking tools and marking and other food packaging .

Laser Marking random code or security code function , but also so that each bottle of wine or a small bottle each has a separate cover coding , direct identification, quick and easy , but also the price, promotion and other information in the marking on wine packaging, wine can effectively control the sales price , to prevent market volatility , has a dual function of security and market feedback .