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Europe invented a new type of 3D laser printing technology


Recently, some European countries have invented a new optical polymer technology capable of producing small 3D printing technology. Obviously, this new storage technology is still some distance away from the official business , there are still many problems to be solved . But at least , in the future we can see the future emergence of large-capacity storage discs . 3D rapid prototyping is a laser print manufacturing . In addition to addressing the big data storage , laser technology in 3D printing has also made a breakthrough.


Laser Rapid Prototyping 3D printing is a manufacturing , is the use of computer simulation slice of technology, and gradually the use of high-energy laser beam to melt bath powder , such as metals, ceramics , plastics, sand , etc., so as to gradually accumulate into a certain shape parts and components. The technology will become multidimensional manufactured by the supremacy of the simple two-dimensional overlay, greatly reduces the complexity of the design and manufacturing , and even can be made the traditional way can not be processed singular structure, such as a closed internal cavity , multi- nesting .


Laser rapid prototyping technology , compared with the traditional process has unique advantages and characteristics. For example , the integration can be achieved with the molding material preparation , significantly shorten the manufacturing cycle parts , lower manufacturing costs and improve material utilization ; has a wide range of materials and design flexibility ; achieve a variety of materials on the same integrated manufacturing of parts, components meet different parts of the different performance needs ; using non- contact processing way , without cutting noise, vibration and waste water, waste and other emissions , in line with modern green manufacturing philosophy.