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Metal Laser standard machine in the communications industry


Metal laser marking machine applications in the communications industry, the most typical example is the phone keypad cutting. Recently, the media exposed a group of Motorola DROID5 pictures, the phone uses a lateral full QWERTY keyboard, as with DROID4, also a five-line laser cutting DROID5 using the keyboard.


It is understood that this phone supports NFC functionality and is equipped with a dust-proof enclosure, it can be said to be a time in the back - with a lateral full QWERTY keyboard. According pictures speculate, DROID5 screen size between about 4.3 inches to 4.5 inches. DROID
5 For those who only want to return again and want to keep up with the physical keyboard of advanced networks, it is definitely going to be a pretty good choice.


Laser technology for the mobile phone industry is not a new thing, as early as last year, someone with a laser-etched Apple iPhone5 Diaoqi solve problems. Motorola phones manufactured using laser cutting technology keyboard, laser applications sucked into yet another peak.