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Laser marking machine for inkjet printer ink advantage


As we all know , by laser engraving to the article tag is not erased permanently marked , because these tags are instantaneously vaporized by the laser directly from the surface , it does not require any tool can be visual identification . Laser marking machine with traditional inkjet printer ink compared to laser marking technology more standardized , breaking the previous limitations of ink Coding and laser marking machine upgrade cycle is short , for the production provides a strong guarantee.

Laser marking machine can also be played by a random code to control the computer , so you can play a security role , can effectively control the business of fraud . Good laser marking machine can print on a variety of different patterns in different products , text or numbers, laser marking machine code or two-dimensional bar code marking is a lot of information can be recorded product . This is often not achieved ink Coding .

Typically laser marking machine is a combination of computer , customers only need a computer program , you can achieve laser marking . And laser marking machine marking may be on different materials , playing out of the imprint is very clear . Due to the special nature of the laser , laser marking machine in precision machining and security above all has a huge space, marking the two-dimensional code, bar code , text , and so on .