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Laser engraving machine for use on different materials


With laser cutting machine market open, more and more areas of its use for the material also increases. However, each material has its own different characteristics , so issues in the use of laser cutting machine we need to pay attention also different.

If the steel -like material , we can use oxygen cutting edge slight oxidation ; But for the thickness of the sheet of 4mm , you can use nitrogen as the process gas processing high-pressure cutting edge is not oxidized ; Of course , the thickness of 10mm or more, to the workpiece during machining can be greased surface , the laser using a special plate , the effect will be better.

Aluminum material with oxygen hard surface will be rough , it will smooth out with nitrogen .

For copper and brass , you must install the " reflection absorption" means the time to cut , otherwise it will ruin the reflective optical components. For a thickness of less than 1mm brass cut with nitrogen , and less than 2mm copper must be cut with oxygen.

Laser cutting machine can not only simple cutting of a single material , the synthetic material can also be cut, but pay attention to the dangerous and hazardous substances may be discharged . The presence of organic substances and dangerous ignition cut , like wood, leather , cardboard, laser cutting can be used , with nitrogen or compressed air as the process gas .