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Installation methods for laser engraving machine


When laser engraving machine has the following three steps:


1, the most important step is to install


1, the control card into the PCI slot, tighten the screws, connect the data cable; insert the USB dongle, dongle installed operating software and drivers.


2, the laser tube anode and cathode water circulation pipes and wires even better, and then placed in the laser tube clasp. The laser power and laser tube anode and cathode even better, plug the data cable.


3, the tank is filled with pure water, plugged pump, pump, connect the inlet and outlet pipe and into the trachea. After a few minutes the water cycle observation laser tube without bubbles, turn the laser tube the air bubbles out.


4, a diameter of copper wire embedded 2MM above ground (depth than 1M), the other end of the machining power supply.


2, placement


Laser machine should be placed in ventilated, dry place, away from the ground wire should be close. After commissioning a good machine and then try not to move the machine, or to re-adjust the optical path.