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Laser engraving machine solutions to common problems


Machines sometimes light, sometimes dull : Check laser engraving machine lens is too dirty or damage, whether the optical path of serious offset ; lens optical path normal , check the water cycle is normal, when the water off when continued ; circulation is normal, may be water protection fault . Work without the laser , the first laser tube can check whether the luminescence ; mouth dull light , check the water cycle is normal ; circulation normal to see the laser power indicator light ; according to laser power burst button.


Machine Reset: After finish the job or perform device reset operation , the laser head final stop position. If the user selects the mechanical origin , the device finished the job or perform a reset operation , the laser head stay to the mechanical origin. When turned on, the beam moves back and forth by hand pushing the trolley and move around without noise, before electricity, so you can avoid withholding foreign object stuck in the machine damage ; reset the machine not working properly, reset the right direction, but it came to a head , the car and the beam can not stop ; beams reset properly, reset the car does not move , possibly tensioner stuck or broken motor shaft , the parameter is incorrect .


Machine stopover engraved , clepsydra , chaotic moment : Check the machine grounding , ground measurements are standard ; check the computer has not set a screen saver or power save mode for low -speed motherboard ; View full size if there is an error , such as graphics cross , not closed , lack of strokes ; no such problems as do other graphics , just a graphic such a problem .


Crochet is not closed : measuring beam is parallel , under normal circumstances, so deviation is less than 2MM; View trolley belt and the belt tension beams are appropriate, whether the same degree on both sides of the belt tensioner ; under powered , hand sliding car and beams , gently moving up and down the small front, to see if there is mechanical clearance.