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New nano-technology security labels humidity


Now , the market there are a lot of fake merchandise partner , because counterfeit products generally poor quality , and its health care products for some , the greater the harm to consumers fakes , causing risks to consumer safety , but in fact also undermines the real interests of businessmen , then how do we enable consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake goods simply do ?

Generally , we use security labels, security labels , but now exists for technical reasons , many unscrupulous traders on fakes can achieve this effect , so let many manufacturers are very troublesome . And now, the market there is a nano- humidity anti-counterfeiting technology, which due to its complicated process and can not be imitated.

Nano humidity anti-counterfeiting technology has the following characteristics:

An easy identification . Anti-counterfeit labels on humidity colorless aqueous liquid painting , full-page will show a variety of information at once , while violet light and infrared lamp can be seen glowing information .

Second, no imitation. As the technology and manufacturing process is unique to China and Germany , so the next few years, no one can imitate .

Third, multiple security can be invisible . But the technology is neither humidity, luminosity security measures , you can also fill plus language code , code , anti- complex stickers, holograms and other multiple integrated security .