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Laser marking machine for use on plastics


Plastic is an important packaging materials, plastic products and other trademarks on the bar code and number for identification mark usually printing, adhesive labels , shrink packaging stamping and other external processing methods to generate , or directly through the plastic surface mechanical processing, such as embossing, engraving , punching and other marks are formed . The use of laser marking machine printing marks in the plastic surface is a kind of high-speed machining , plastic products can maintain the inherent properties of the surface , so that text, numbers or icons and plastic products into a unified whole new marking technology . Plastics laser marking machine token generated using a laser beam directly on the plastic surface , including the tag , label , characters, lines, figures , or color , no other processing steps .
    Some plastic because easily absorb energy and easy marking ; while some plastics not absorb the laser , the laser can not generate markup . Absorption of the laser energy is a function of wavelength , and therefore , the laser intensity in the same effect will be different plastic tag different quality . For example, some colored high density polyethylene and polycarbonate when using YAG laser , without adding any additives can be an ideal mark ; while using carbon dioxide laser marking machine , if adding special additives on the Indian poor . Additionally , degradation of plastic , cracks, surface voids , etc., will reduce the quality of the guide mark .