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Challenges facing the future of packaging machinery


With the development of the food industry in recent years , the competition between the industry can be said to be growing up , thus affecting the development of the whole industry packaging machinery industry. Currently , the entire packaging machinery and equipment industry is beginning to gradually improve , but the high-tech products in the domestic machinery there is a gap , the future development of the domestic packaging machinery great challenge , mainly includes the following aspects :

A packaging safety in food processing , packaging used by enterprises to improve the technical performance of the equipment , the food safety requirements more stringent. "Food Safety Law" revised again , leaving food companies focus on products in the packaging process safety. Because of different walks of life products , there are solid, there is a liquid which gives a higher packaging industry packaging technology parameters.

Second, the lack of funds , most of the domestic packaging companies are small businesses , lack of funds , making it difficult to ensure market competitiveness .

Third, the high-tech talent scarcity , which has a certain relationship of corporate funds , but the important thing is the lack of personnel . Reliability and safety devices need to have technology integration and innovative high-quality compound talents.