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Differences between Laser marking machine prices


With the development of the laser , more and more businesses to invest in laser marking to market competition , laser marking machine models on the market, more and more , the price is uneven.

When the market price of laser marking machine from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands have customers in the selection of laser marking equipment , often hesitant because of the different prices , difficult choices. Why, then, with a laser marking machine , its price will be such a large gap?

As the saying goes , " a sub-price goods" , for laser marking machine is the same.

The high price of imported laser marking machine whether it is composed of various types of accessories such as lasers, deflecting mirror , or host control systems occupy an unparalleled advantage ; from stability , service life is also not beyond the domestic models , these have led to disparities machine prices. For example, high-quality laser marking machine , generally used in the performance is superior imported parts, its production costs are relatively higher.

Therefore , the asking price in the market naturally be higher than the domestic . Conversely, those who tend to be inexpensive device only in appearance simple imitation , then the selection of extremely poor quality of the internal components , it is often quite low price . Of course , the choice of laser marking machine we have to choose the most expensive and , for their own is the most important.