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CJPL-10W Fiber Laser Marking Machine


CJPL-10W fiber laser marking machine

1, the machine features

Exterior volume is small and compact, without water cooling system cooling can be huge, only the general.

Optical output; can flexible application, can produce very convenientprocessing system of dimension 3.

With a retro reflection isolator: special use laser wavelength, direction, through special structure to the reflection isolator in, the laser reflection objects stop,prevent again into the laser damage caused by laser.

2, performance parameter

The laser output power: ≤ 10W

The laser wavelength: 1.06 μ

Laser repetition frequency: 20-60KHz

Carving range: 110mm * 110mm

The engraving depth: ≤ 0.3mm (as the material is adjustable)

Engraving line speed: ≤ 10000mm/s

The minimum interval: 0.012mm

The minimum line width: 0.012mm

Minimum character: 0.1mm

Repeatability: ± 0.001mm

Machine power: 500W

Power requirements: single phase /220V/50Hz/10A

3, the industry application

Fiber laser marking machine output beam quality, high reliability, can be carved metal materials and non-metallic materials, mainly used in the smooth, fine,require a higher degree of depth of field, such as watches, mold, IC industry,bar code, bitmap marking etc..