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5030 CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

YH-G5030 laser engraving machine

1, the product parameters



Laser power

40W/50W CO2 laser tube and metal tube (on request)

Table size

600 * 400 mm

Engraving size

430 * 300 mm

Engraving speed

≤ 1200mm/s

Cutting speed

≤ 300mm/s

Cutting format

447 * 300 mm

Positioning accuracy


Minimum shaping character

English Chinese characters: 1.5mm:1mm

Power supply mode

220V /50HZ

Electric lift platform

Adjustable lifting height 250mm

Support file format


Machine power


2, product introduction

YH-5030 is specially designed for small craft gift customers a high precisionlaser machine, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight. Handling and save the operating space to facilitate customers. Is a professional engraving machine belongs to the economy, at the same time, it also can beengraved chapter, card box of our professional design, can be fixed at any timeat the machine platform operation, convenient and flexible, the multi-purpose.

3, product features

Professional design, tailored for different industry users, beautiful appearance,practicality.

LCD liquid crystal display, USB2.0 offline, 32M memory. The models have two,one for the online, offline type.

Super fine carving techniques, in improving the processing efficiency at the same time, can clear carving 1.5mm Chinese characters and 1mm English, doteffect is better.

· red light positioning system without the exact position of laser can determine the moment graph.

· matching machining cylindrical object auxiliary rotating device, breaks through the boundaries of two-dimensional carving. Such as a cup, vase, musical instruments, etc.. Can process 12 cm thick articles.

And can according to the customer request processing technology and economic conditions, you can choose a variety of configuration.

4, the sample show