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Engraving machine auxiliary materials - sheet

Carving material

1, log (unprocessed wood)

The wood is by far the most commonly used laser materials processing, easy engraving and cutting. Light wood like birch, cherry or maple very easily bylaser vaporization, which is suitable for carving. Each wood has its own characteristics, some tight some, such as hardwood, to greater laser power in carving or cutting. We suggest that the sculpture is not too familiar with the wood, to first study carving characteristics.

2 density board

The general density board

Density board of this type is what we used to do that kind of wooden plate platelining board. The material is the high density board, the surface with a thinwood. Carving on such materials can be laser engraved pattern, but uneven color and black, usually colored. Usually you can by proper design, double color plate using 0.5mm mosaic to obtain better effect.

Laser density board

Some density board is specially designed for laser engraving, carving out apattern of uniform color, not the color also has the very good effect. Clean

After carving can use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the density board.

3 acrylic (an organic glass)

Acrylic is the most commonly used after wood carving material, it is easy to be cut and carved, with a variety of shapes and sizes, relatively low cost. There are two kinds of production technology of organic glass: Casting and rolling,laser engraving machine is the main way with the production of cast acrylic,because the frost effect it produced in the laser engraving after the very white,a sharp contrast with the original transparent texture, organic glass rollingproduction is still in the laser engraving is transparent, no a sufficient contrast.In the purchase of organic glass dealer when you want to emphasize the goodkind of high purity, or to buy the material back engraving or cutting may bemelting phenomenon.

4 double color

Double color plate is composed of two or more than two layers of colorcomposite consisting of a dedicated to the carving of the engineering plastics,the general specifications for 600*1200mm, there is little brand specifications for 600*900mm. American POWMRK with stable quality, complete varieties is regarded as the best products. Double color plate engraving finish is usually used to various signs and badges. Can be divided into mechanical and laserwith two categories in the double color plate, some mechanical plate can also be used in laser engraving, laser engraving plate features: color of the surfacelayer is thin (< 0.1mm) laser sheet is generally 1.3mm&0.8mm. Mechanical plate is generally 1.5mm), our experience is: if the surface color board is very thin, generally can be laser engraving, such as surface color is thick can try twocarving