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CJDP-50L semiconductor laser marking machine

Diode side pumped laser marking machine (CJDP-50L)

1, work principle

Diode side pumped laser marking machine belongs to the wavelength of the semiconductor laser diode pumped ND:YAG 808nm medium, the medium to produce a reversal particles, the Q switch is formed under the action of a wavelength of 1064nm giant pulse laser output, after a series of optical devices, have to work beam.

2, product features

* optical system adopts fully sealing structure.

* with optical preview and focus indication function.

* the laser scanning speed, high precision, stable performance.

* automatic regulation provides reliable guarantee for the machine long lifeworking temperature of cooling system.

* system can automatic coding, automatic printing serial number, batch number,date, etc..

* software control system takes WINDOWS XP as the operating platform, theChinese interface, compatible with AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTPSHOP and other file output.

3, the technical parameters of Parameter of Technology

Item Item model Model: CJDP-50L

The laser wavelength of Laser wavelength 1064nm

The average power of Average power 50W

The beam quality of M2 beam of quality M2 < 3

Pulse frequency of Repetition rate 200Hz-50KHz

Marking area 110mm*110mm (labeled static one-time tag range)

Mark Xian Kuan Marking line width 0.015-0.1mm

A scratching depth Once sign deepness 0.2mm (as the material with adjustable) it can adjust for product

Minimum character Min character 0.2mm

Repeat accuracy of Repeat Size + 0.003

The water cooling system of water system 0.6 P

The precision of temperature control

Temperature control precision ± 0.1 

The power of Power Consumption 1.5 KW

Power requirements Supply Voltage AC /220V/50Hz/10A