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The 1325 CO2 large laser non metal cutting machine

YH-G1325 large laser non metal cutting machine

1, characteristics of the equipment

Laser power the independent research and development, to ensure a perfect match with the laser tube and machine components, to achieve the bestengraving and cutting effect.

The selection of water pump and water cooling machine, ensure the fine carving cutting, equipped with anhydrous alarm system, protection of laserprocessing to the customer, escort, to reduce the loss caused by negligence.

◆ adopts DSP, FPDA CNC technology, ensure the perfect processing theorygraphics rendering. USB data interface, and is equipped with built-in large capacity memory, greatly improving the work efficiency.

Automatic smoke blowing system, according to the different choice of different processes in software, automatic start and end at the same time, to ensure theprocess perfect, energy saving.

 English in liquid crystal display, can also add other language displayaccording to the requirements of customers, to customers all over the world.The world is convenient to use.

 according to the customer's actual processing request of rotary instrumentaccessories, cellular mesa, with professional point of view, for our customers to provide more intimate, more high-quality service, for customers to reduceunnecessary costs. Optional rotary instrument capable of machining cylindrical objects, breaks through the boundaries, two-dimensional carving such as cup,vase, musical instruments and other goods.

2, the technical parameters

Laser power

W4 120W

Cutting speed

≤ 400mm/s

Engraving size

1200 x 2500mm

Positioning accuracy

± 0.01mm

Cooling system

Special laser machine water machine

Power supply


Machine power

≤ 1250W

Machine size

3200 x 1800 x 1250mm

Engraving speed

≤ 1000mm/s

Cutting format

1200 x 2500mm

Repeat positioning accuracy

< 0.15mm

Minimum shaping character

Chinese characters 3.5mm letter 2.5mm

Supported formats


Working platform

Rack platform

Suitable material

Cutting organic glass, epoxy resin, acrylic, plastic, sheet metal and other materials.

3, application

 applicable to advertising decoration, clothing, computer embroidery and clipping, packaging and printing, engraving, crafts, toys, electronic appliances,model, paper products industry. Can be processed wood products, organic glass, acrylic, cloth, rubber, paper and other non metal.