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Pneumatic marking machine CJ-300

1, modular design

The fourth generation of marking machine is divided into several independentmodules: the column base module; 2D - electrical module; MCU module; a hand bracket rotary fixture module; module; head rotating module; electric fixturemodule.

The L column base module and two-dimensional - electrical module standard model, function as previous generations of products. Divided into parallelmodels and USB socket type two.

L increased small single-chip module, the module is fixed on the two moduleson the bonnet, replace desktop computer.

L can also be placed on the 2D - electrical module of notebook computer hood.

L increased with support module, can realize the handset function, on the partof large mechanical parts or special shape marking.

L increases the rotating head module, can rotate marking function, the module has a rotation reversing switch.

L increased the head rotation module, can realize the lateral marking.

L increases the electric clamp auxiliary module, signs marking without holding the support plate.

2 advantages, modules of integral type

L four only self fastening nut, conversion of standard type and handheldmachine, one machine with two.

L increased the other modules, the use of a machine.

Two dimensional L - electrical module open cover can realize mechanical and electrical faults diagnosis and maintenance.

L released two modules four self fastening nut, can be sent back to repair or replace damaged module factory.

Control box of L previous generations of products with two-dimensional headinto two modules, reduce line connection, eliminate many potential points of failure, failure rate is greatly reduced, the performance is more stable and reliable.

No l control box, reducing the space occupied by the user table, installation,convenient operation and concise.

L modular design to design and manufacture special machines, flangemachine.

3, the marking machine is now the only one can convert between free oscillations and controllable shock dual-mode marking machine