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CJZW-M355 UV laser marking machine

Model introduction

UV laser marking machine is my company developed with the international advanced technology of deep ultraviolet laser marking machine. 1.5W maximum output power of the laser; configuration: deep UV laser, Americahigh-speed scanning galvanometer system etc..

The machine features

Nonlinear crystal electro-optic conversion rate is high, long service life, stable operation, high positioning accuracy, high work efficiency, the modular design for easy installation and maintenance etc.. Can be equipped with two automatic table, multi station continuous marking or large format marking. UV laser marking machine marking lines, very fine, suitable for fine marking demanding situations, mainly used in the LCD screen, wafer, IC products such as surfacefine marking.

Device parameters

Model CJZW-M355/ CJZW-M266

The laser wavelength of 355nm/ 266nm

Laser power of 1w/ 3w/ 5w/ 7w/ 8W

Writing the range of 50 × 50mm/ and 100 × 100mm

The marking speed ≤ 7000mm/s

The beam quality of <2

Q frequency 8KHz/ 15KHz

The minimum Xian Kuan 0.01mm

Minimum character 0.2mm

Repeat accuracy of ± 0.003mm

The power of 2KW

Power demand single-phase 220V/ / 50Hz/ 10A

Applicable materials and Industry

Mainly used for marking and surface treatment of various glass, TFT, LCD,plasma screen, textile, ceramic, silicon wafer, IC grain, sapphire, polymer thin film materials. The main advantage of 355nm/266nm deep ultraviolet laser isinsufficient to make up for the other band laser in fine machining and special material processing.