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LED lamp automatic marking machine

A, product features

1 according to the different needs of customers matching fiber machinesemiconductor ultraviolet CO2 models.

2 automatic rotating feeding, save manpower, improve production efficiency.

3 segmentation the positioning is very accurate.

4 can be equipped with automatic feeding device.

Composed of 5 whole rotating disc consists of 2 rotating part: the rotation partand product rotary marking rotating parts.

The 6 turntable rotation speed equal to 1 per second transposition stations

7 excellent beam quality, a static LE fiber laser marking machine, laser beam quality than traditional marking machine, as the fundamental mode (TEMOO)output, focusing spot diameter 10um, the divergence angle is 1/4 of the semiconductor pump, so it is especially suitable for precision, fine marking.

8 the use of low cost, photoelectric conversion ratio is up to 30%, the power consumption is 500W, lamp pumped solid laser marking machine 1/10, greatlysaves energy output.

9 maintenance free operation, laser without any maintenance, also need notadjust or clean lens, stable and less failure.

Two, the industry application

Applicable to all kinds of metal and nonmetal products include: alloy and oxide,ABS, widely used in electronic components, electrical appliances, hardware,auto accessories, communication products, integrated circuit (IC) industry.

Three, the technical parameters

The laser output power: ≤ 10W/20W/30W

The laser wavelength: 1.06 μ

Laser repetition frequency: 20-100KHz

Carving range: 110mm * 110mm

The engraving depth: ≤ 0.3mm (as the material is adjustable)

Engraving line speed: ≤ 10000mm/s

The minimum interval: 0.012mm

The minimum line width: 0.012mm

Minimum character: 0.15mm

Repeatability: ± 0.003mm

Machine power: 500W

Power requirements: single phase /220V/50Hz/15A

Four, LED lamp rotary automatic marking equipment overall structuralintroduction

1 the machine is composed of 2 parts: eight station rotary disc with a fiber lasermachine.

The multistation fixture 2 wheel design, one-time can also put 8 of products for automatic rotating feeding, each station can automatically rotate to mark, at the same time equipment work can be carried out on the material, saves the manpower than ordinary equipment, improve production efficiency.

The 3 dial are using universal fixture, and can be suitable for a wide variety ofbulb lamp shade processing without changing the fixture.

The 4 dial are using 220V, 120W, domestic AC motor speed.