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Portable handheld CO2 laser marking machine

Portable handheld CO2 laser marking machine

A, product introduction

Import CO2 RF laser tube using the, the service life of up to 2-4 million hours,which models the fastest speed of marking up to 7000mm/s. CO2 laser markingmachine is suitable for marking in non metal material most, such as paper packaging, plastic products, leather, fabric, glass ceramics etc.. As the technology upgrade, Shanghai into a static laser Co Ltd developed 10W portable CO2 laser marking machine, this machine is the biggest characteristic of the traditional CO2 laser marking machine is too large size disadvantage,can be easily integrated in all kinds of production line equipment, although thevolume is reduced, but the function completely without any loss of.

Two, the product parameters

Specifications: portable handheld CO2 laser marking machine

Laser type 10W RF CO2 laser

Laser repetition frequency 200Hz ~ 50kHz

Marking the range of 100 × 100mm

Repeat accuracy 0.01mm

Marking depth of 0.05mm ~ 0.2mm (by materials)

The working power supply (220V / 50Hz

The character type digital, letters, Chinese characters, special characters or symbols, graphics, two-dimensional code, serial number, batch number of random number series number, bar code, password, production date, valid period and any created character.

The size of the equipment of 680mm * 163mm * 180mm (length * width * height)

Weight of equipment about 15kg (10W)

Cooling method of forced air cooling

Three, product performance

Friendly interface, think WYSIWYG; the input screen you want,; screen displayinformation, will be the marking information.

RF CO2 laser imported high quality, high-energy, stable, software system of high speed precision optical vibrating mirror assembly and the industry's top.

Compact, rugged, lightweight, compact, compact interface, the machining direction can be adjusted flexibly, handle.

Four, applicable scope

Print numbers, letters, Chinese characters, special characters or symbols,graphics, 2D codes, serial numbers, random number, batch number, serial number, bar code, password, production date, valid period and any createdcharacter.

The laser array technology intelligent code, through the software control: dotdensity spacing, laser power and laser parameters such as the size of the residence time, improve the coding flexibility. Would be a good fit for the industry on-line packaging code requirements.

The machine adopts modular design, no wearing parts, perfect self diagnosis system, maintenance time saving, labor saving, worry.