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A fiber laser marking machine

A, product introduction

Fiber laser marking machine is the most advanced laser marking equipment inthe world. Can be widely applied to various line marking on the fly and high-speed static marking industry, can meet the high precision, high efficiency lasermarking, the level of the world's leading German fiber laser and the import of spare parts, marking accuracy, speed, stable performance, service life of up to 100000 hours.

Two, performance characteristics

A fiber laser marking machine area is small and easy to carry, can move the laser head, can make large products, to meet the desktop can't play products.

The increase in the fiber laser oscillation, where loss of small, good stability, is not influenced by the external dust and gas and mechanical loosening, laserbeam output for the TEMoo mode stability.

Maintenance free operation, laser without any maintenance, also need notadjust or clean lens.

Processing speed, processing speed is 2-3 times of the traditional laser marking machine.

Up to 100000 hours of working life (about 10 years).

Optical fiber has no consumables.

Three, application

Suitable for large object or not so good mobile products. Applications:electronic components, electrical products, IT industry, auto parts, hardware tools, precision instruments, gift accessories, precision, fine print medical devices and other high-end products. Typical applications such as, plastic(PA66) thermal barrier strip laser marking on the fly, automatic loading and unloading metal plate laser marking, packing box online laser marking machine.

Four, the technical parameters

The laser output power of OutputPower: 10W 20W 30W

The beam quality of M2M2 BeamQuality: < 2

The laser wavelength of Wavelength:1064nm

Pulse frequency of Pulse frequency:20KHz -100KHz

Marking range MarkingScope:110mm × 110mm (can be customized)

Engraving line speed: MarkingSpeed ≤ 7000mm/s

The engraving depth: MarkingDepth ≤ 0.3mm

The minimum line width Min.lineWidth:0.015mm

Minimum character Min.characterSize:0.15mm

Repeatability: RepeatingAccuracy ± 0.003mm

The power of Total Power:500W