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Small format engraving machine

A, model parameters

The Z axis on the platform: less than 80mm (effective by processing the object height)

Table 1560: Aluminum mesa with trapezoid groove, machining range of 30 × 40mm

Body material: aluminum alloy frame thickness are 15mm (surface silveroxidation)

Stepper motor: the new 57 step motor

The drive unit: domestic 1605 ball screw

Spindle motor: DC motor 800W

The engraving precision: 0.06mm

Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.03mm

Running speed: MAX3000mm/ minutes

Engraving speed: 100 ~ 1000mm/ minutes (depending on the specificmaterials)

Stepper motor subdivision driver: 8

Carving instruction code: G

Control software: Mach3

Computer communication port: Port

Working voltage: 220V/120V (purchase please illustrate voltage)

Weight: about 35 kg

Two, the machine features

1 gifts personalized design.

2, all kinds of signs and the control panel processing.