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We pre-sale , extensive service range , designed to provide you with the most complete and most convenient service for you to arrange everything properly , so you really buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind ! Create a new era of great service!

Pre-sale services

All accept your advice, timely information you need all kinds of products, and according to your actual needs and plans put forward reasonable professional advice .

Sale of services
After the signing of the sales contract , the first training of your personnel , company personnel before allowing you to use a clear understanding of product characteristics and composition ; thus help you make better use of the device , no worries troubles.

1 . Responsible for equipment transportation, installation and commissioning.

2 product under normal use conditions are entitled to free warranty warranty period, and provide maintenance services for life .

3 Our confidence in the quality of products and practices to ensure that your commitment . Although you have become our customers, but our commitment to you but did not terminate . Our service center to build customer profiles , allied to handle all inquiries and complaints , customer maintenance and emergency services , as well as product descriptions and goodwill visits , etc., in order to fully take care of all the needs of the customer !